Easy To Use Mobile Ordering

Customers can order food in just a few clicks

Fast Easy Ordering For Your Restaurant

Let your patrons place orders from your app and have them printed directly in your kitchen


  • Simple to use mobile apps for placing food orders
  • Send Notifications to your customers about specials 
  • Increase business during slow hours with push notifications 
  • Easy download with QR code tabletop tents
  • Take payments in the App (optional)

Administrative Management App

Keep an eye on your business no matter where you are

Full administrative control from anywhere

  • Get alerts on your mobile device
  • Can be installed on any tablet anywhere  
  • Send targeted notifications at anytime 
  • Real-Time Analytical Data
  • Integrates with social media


With our dedicated administrative application, you can send targeted notifications using GEO-Fence Technology. Business Slow?  Send out lunch special notifications to everyone within a 10 mi radius. 

Print Orders Directly To The Kitchen

Have your app orders printed out at your register or in the kitchen for easy filling


  • Thermal Printing for orders 
  • Network through wifi or data cable
  • Makes filling orders a breeze  
  • Auto-printing when an order is placed
  • Print orders in the kitchen or at the register 

Never worry about missing an order from your app customers with a thermal printer installed directly in the kitchen or at the register. 

We install the printer for you, no worry no hassle.  

(Requires internet connection) 

Promotional Material

Make it easy to spread your new app with promo cards

Table tent Cards

  • Two visible panels in a vertical or horizontal format
  • Glossy, matte or high gloss UV finish
  • Features die-cut interlocking slits for easy setup


The best people to install your mobile app are your already existing customers.

These customers are sitting at the table talking and patiently waiting on the food they order.

With a Table Top advertising card they can easily download your app by scanning the QR code. 


With your app downloaded on their mobile device you can now advertise to the best posible market... interested customer who already love your food!

The days of paying Facebook to boost a post are over. 


Mobile Ready Responsive PWA

  • A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web app that uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like experience to users. ... You can deploy your app as a PWA as well as Native app and take advantage of both channels. 


Native Applications 

  • Native apps are those apps that live on your device using up memory and precious space. Your app can be deployed as a native app for android and apple for an additional fee if desired. 


In addition, you will receive an ADMIN application

so that members of your staff...


  • Can freely access and change the menu and prices as you see fit.


  • The APP will come with the original menu loaded and operational in full.


  • The APP will be Tablet and mobile compliant ensuring that whatever device a potential client is viewing from, they will be receiving the best experience possible.


  • In addition to being mobile friendly, The APP will include a “call now button” when being viewed from a mobile phone. This button can be pressed and the desired number will be called, without the need for remembering the number and then trying to dial it. Studies have shown that a call to action button increases the click through rate from 25% to 90% depending on the industry.  


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